Low Vision Practice Management, Training and Coaching.

“I coach. I teach. I train.” -Richard Shuldiner

The Richard Shuldiner, OD/William Feinbloom, OD Philosophy & Methods of Providing Low Vision Care ™ turns traditional learning up side down, resulting in breakthrough results.

Our 3-step method trains doctors to listen as a Low Vision doctor, provide a 12-step in office evaluation process, and a marketing plan to get the phones ringing.

It’s a win/win philosophy resulting in substantial patient benefits and financial rewards for the doctor.

If you are interested in learning how you can generate more patient, professional and financial satisfaction and take your low vision practice to the next level, lets talk.

Like all of my clients, I encourage you to call me on my cell phone at any time. If I am with patients or another client, I will call you back shortly.
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Membership Benefits

Some of the doctors who receive coaching from Dr. Shuldiner are also members of the International Academy of Low Vision Specialists (IALVS). The International Academy of Low Vision Specialists (IALVS) believes in LIFE AFTER VISION LOSS. The IALVS brings new hope and sight to those with macular degeneration and other vision limiting conditions. The IALVS can bring back the enjoyment of life after vision loss.

  • Inclusion in our national PR efforts
  • Inclusion on our national website
  • National marketing efforts
  • Support from a national ad agency
  • Annual meetings
  • Monthly conference calls
  • On demand individual coaching calls
  • Annual and semi annual meetings featuring guest lecturers
  • Occupational therapy Low Vision training
  • Support groups
  • Data analysis
  • Time & project management training
  • Access to a leading national marketing/advertising agency
  • New product clinical studies


Dr. Jarrod Long

Since the day I finished training with Dr. Shuldiner in 2006, I have been an effective, confident, low vision doctor. His coaching opened my mind to a new way of thinking, not only in low vision (which has been great!), but in my life. Also, the sharing and camaraderie within our group is priceless.

Dr. Jarrod Long, OD. Bloomington, Indiana

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Dr. Fields

“I am very excited about our team approach to helping one another.”

Roderick D. Fields, OD IALVS Member Biloxi, MS

“For 18 years no one had ever told me about telescopes or the other tools available to people with my eye condition. You did so… and as a result, I have been able to accomplish much”

John M. Whealan Associate Dean for Intellectual Property Law George Washington University Law School